The needs of keeping an eye on the A.C.T.A.–an unprecedented power grab by the strong IP advocates and a threat to many civil liberties–have grown to be too great for my original blog, enigma_foundry, so I’ve started this one just to keep track of ACTA-related stuff.

In a plethora of settings, publishers and pharmaceutical companies are pushing an aggressive new agenda to expand and enforce intellectual property rights. The proposals are often advanced in undemocratic and non-transparent fora, such as the top secret and highly classified ACTA negotiations. This is big government and big business at its worst, creating rules without input or sensitivity to the concerns of consumers, overriding civil rights, undermining privacy, increasing prices to consumers. The topics under review are not simple technical issues or directed at organized crime, they are big sweeping changes in our basic freedoms, and underhanded attempts to give lobbyists rules they can’t get in a normal democratic setting.”
James Love, Director, KEI

Everything posted on this blog is my personal opinion and does not necessarily represent the views of any other person or party.


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